Music is a form of magic, and when used to worship the almighty, it brings about positive and powerful changes. And one such incredible gospel choir is the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. The choir is a nearly 300-voice choir composed of vocally untrained church members who come from diverse economic and ethnic backgrounds. The Lord has brought together this divine choir and church, who started from a handful of members in a small rundown building, and today have grown to a congregation of more than ten thousand weekly attendees. Pastor Cymbala and his wife Carol Cymbala lead and direct this wonderful six-time Grammy Award-winning choir. 

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, which is a nearly 300-voice choir has recorded three videos, three DVDs, and various albums, which won them five Dove Awards and six Grammy Awards. With magic in their music, they inspire, connect, and spread positivity through music. God has always blessed those who love him, and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir has the desire to spread this love and devotion everywhere through their music. The choir’s director Carol Cymbala is a passionate and dedicated individual who has devoted her life to worship and the Lord. And through her talented choir, she has been creating remarkable music, which connects the soul with God.

Having performed at various prestigious events and venues in New York City which include Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, the Madison Square Garden Theater, and many more such places, their stellar reputation precedes them. The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir has also had the honor of singing at the Billy Graham Crusades which was held in New York City’s Central Park. Their musical creations and soulful performances have earned them widespread recognition and the love of thousands of people. The passionate and talented individuals who voice this gospel choir believe in God and follow the true path, spreading joy, love, and are working towards creating a better world.

The director of The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Carol Cymbala grew up as one of six children in a ministry home where she experienced and witnessed the power of God in miraculous ways. And since a very young age, she was passionate about music and learned how to play the piano. Carol shares how God had spoken to her that one day she would lead a choir and spread his love and blessings with music. And with the blessings of the Lord, today she directs a 300-voice gospel choir that is creating blissful and divine music. As the saying goes “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe”, and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir are truly souls of melody. 

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