The gospel music scene has seen some incredibly talented artists. These artists have been creating some truly divine music. For instance, take CeCe Winans. She is one of the most recognized and popular gospel singers. Her recent single “Never Lost” is a masterpiece that has mesmerized everyone. “Never Lost” is a soulful song with an inspiring message behind it. What compliments CeCe Winans’s beautiful voice is the perfect instrumental music. The song is a combination of love, faith, and miracles. Cece Winans drives across a wonderful message through this track. Above all, it reminds us that God is forever there and his love shall always bless our lives. 

Message Behind the Track

CeCe Winans’s “Never Lost” is a song that we all need during these challenging times. It highlights the importance of having faith and trust in God. Oftentimes we feel lost, but one must never forget that God is always there by our side. The track is filled with inspiring lyrics such as “Everything's possible. By the power of the Holy Ghost. A new wind is blowing right now. Breaking my heart of stone. Taking over like it's Jericho and my walls are all crashing down. But right now, I know You're able. And my God, come through again”. Through her melodious voice, CeCe Winans drives across a powerful message. “Never Lost” encourages us to move ahead in life while having faith in the Lord. 

The way she combines her soulful voice with inspiring lyrics is truly remarkable. The track inspires faith and radiates positivity. CeCe shares “The message of this song is so powerful. With so much going on in the world. The prayer for ‘Never Lost’ is to encourage and remind us that God is undefeated! Let’s continue to trust in Him like never before!” With powerful lyrics, this song will encourage you to take on any challenge in life. God is always there by our side, guiding us in this journey called “life”. “Never Lost” has been written by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, and Tiffany Hammer. The song has been produced by Kyle Lee.

Music Career of CeCe Winans

CeCe Winans has had a truly remarkable music career.  For instance, she has won 12 Grammy Awards, 23 GMA Dove Awards, and many more such awards. CeCe also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Having over 3.5 million record sales certified by RIAA, she is one of the most successful gospel artists. Her music has fans all across the globe. In conclusion, “Never Lost” is a wonderful song by CeCe Winans that you should definitely listen to. So go ahead and check out CeCe Winans’s “Never Lost”.

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