Where words fail, music speaks. And worship music is one such divine and amazing creation that can perform wonders and unite people. Gospel choirs have been spreading the word of the Lord through melodious and harmonious music. And one such incredible gospel choir that is spreading joyful and divine music is the Howard Gospel Choir. This is the gospel choir of Howard University, formed by students, alumni, and community members. They create and deliver energetic and powerful gospel music. Being the first collegiate choir of its kind, the ensemble is directed by Howard University graduate Reginald Golden. Music is a form of magic, and worship music holds the power to inspire, unite, and connect people together and strengthened their bond with the Lord through melodies. 

Founded in the fall of 1968 by Melanie Russell and Rosalind Thompkins, the Howard Gospel Choir is the first collegiate choir of its kind in the entire world. It has been formed by students and believers of the Lord, and together they aim to spread divine music and help fellow beings live a better and fulfilling life. Their purpose and sole desire is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ through their musical gifts and bring peace, restoration, healing, and inspiration to all those who believe. They want to improve and connect with God. They offer pure and powerful worship music to all those who lend their ears and hearts.

Having performed at various events and stages, the way they combine and fuse their incredible talents together is remarkable. This group of soulful and melodious individuals has been delivering some stellar performances lately, and continue to improve and develop their musical talents. Their musical director Reginald Golden believes that music and worship together can connect people and perform miracles. And over the years, they have been blessed with talented and pure individuals who want to share and spread their musical talents with the world.

Throughout the pandemic, the Howard Gospel Choir has been constantly creating powerful and motivating music, to inspire and help people face this challenge. Music and worship combined together hold incredible power, and we need such wonderful creations to face and overcome this pandemic. Hosting various online virtual gospel concerts, they are spreading the power and love of the Lord and helping people who believe in him. Their energetic and powerful performances truly cheer up the soul and inspire belief, strength, and unity. So go ahead and experience the wonderful music they are creating, and let the divine melodies take you away.