The use of music for religious purposes and worship has existed for ages, and soulful singing with gorgeous melodies can connect people with the Lord. Gospel Choirs hold the power to combine and unite people through harmony, and together they create something remarkable and wonderful. One such amazing and inspiring gospel choir is the Umlazi Gospel Choir. Based out of Durban, South Africa, this incredible choir is made up of pure souls of melody, who together are creating blissful music that unites one’s soul with God and strengthens our belief. This divine gospel choir is definitely on its way to the top with their beautiful and soulful singing and gorgeous melodies.

The Umlazi Gospel Choir was founded by Mr. S I Ncanana and is sponsored by the Thenjwayo Funeral Home. Since the inception of this choir, they have gathered some incredibly talented singers who combine their musical talents and create gorgeous melodies. The synchronization and level of coordination in this choir is remarkable and they create music that feels seamless and blissful. One of their recent albums titled “uMoya weNkosi” was a masterpiece, that was created in these challenging times to support and spread hope, belief, and motivation to beat this challenge that we all are facing. Their music combines powerful lyrics which portray the Lord’s love and plans for all of us, and how he is forever there with us.

Their album “uMoya weNkosi” features some divine and harmonious tracks such as “uDomo Malube Kuwe”, iZitha ziShwebile” and a wonderful “Covid-19 Prayer” which is something that we all need during these uncertain and challenging times. This gospel choir is amongst one of the best in South Africa and the way they are consistently working hard with passion and dedication to spreading their beautiful melodies everywhere is something commendable, and it is the reason for their success. Listen to any of their stellar performances and you shall understand why their music is so powerful and inspiring, as it combines melodies with deep and meaningful lyrics to form and strengthen our belief in the Lord.

Gospel choirs have been always a wonderful way to unite and connect people to worship the Lord with music, and the Umlazi Gospel Choir is definitely one amazing choir that has the potential and talent to become huge in the coming future. The way they combine the melodious voices of all their singers is unique and fresh, and all their performances are peppy and energetic which radiate positivity and joy. So go ahead and experience the phenomenal performances of this stellar gospel choir and let their music take you away.

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