The Mississippi Mass Choir is an American Gospel choir that is based in Jackson, Mississippi. Formed back in 1988 by Frank Williams, this choir’s sole desire and motto is to worship and serve God through melody and harmonies. Despite the fact that endeavoring to prevail in the gospel music industry is one of the goals of this choir, their main motive is to help spread the love and blessings of Jesus Christ all throughout the world. Since its inception in 1988, the choir has won various awards and honors for its commitment and contributions to the gospel music industry. The gathering has toured and traveled throughout the United States, visited Japan, and performed even in places like Nassau, the Bahamas. Spreading the blessings of our Lord through music, this gospel choir has been performing and spreading their blissful music all across the globe.

The Mississippi Mass Choir was perhaps the most powerful and influential gospel choirs of the last part of the '80s and '90s. Under the melodic bearing of David R. Curry, the 100-voice ensemble served the Lord with music that made them a steady presence on Billboard's gospel outlines. Almost each and every one of their recordings has reached a pioneering position on popular music charts. Mississippi Mass Choir’s debut album titled “Live” recorded during a 1988 presentation at the Jackson, MS, Municipal Auditorium, topped and pioneered the Christian & Gospel music charts for more than 45 weeks and earned them the James Cleveland GMWA Award for the contemporary choir of the year and best new traditional artist of the year.

The choir’s second album, “God Gets the Glory” reached the top position within fourteen days after it was released in 1990. The Mississippi Mass Choir's best and most successful album was “It Remains to Be Seen”. This legendary album topped the charts for nearly twelve months and also received the Soul Train music award for the best gospel album of the year 1993. This album was the choir’s last with their founder Frank Williams. Frank Williams was an executive in the gospel music division of Malaco Records and a member of the Jackson Southerners. But with the desire to spread positive music and unite the best gospel singers of Mississippi, Williams had persuaded Jerry Mannery, the top manager of Malaco's gospel division, to sign the band to a record arrangement and become their executive director. 

And since then, this wonderful gospel choir has been releasing some truly divine and blissful music albums and tracks like “Praise the Lord”, “I’ll See You in Rapture” and many more. With the sole desire of spreading the love and blessings of God through music, the Mississippi Mass Choir has given the gospel music scene some truly mesmerizing music and remarkable performances that connect and unite our soul with the Lord. This gospel choir is a collection of some of the most talented individuals whose only desire is to serve God with divine music and bring harmony and love across the world.