Terrence Lamar Ford or better known as GodFrame recently released a new music video for his track “Through the Night”. This latest video is a “Light Mode” version of the music video and he has also released a “Dark Mode” version. Lately, the Atlanta-based Christian rapper, producer, and motivational speaker has been creating some truly mesmerizing music. GodFrame believes that music can inspire, motivate and connect the soul with God, and so he strives to bring about peace and love through his music. This Christian artist is on a journey to spread positivity, hope, and inspire millions through his melodies, as music is one of the strongest forms of magic! 

This latest music video is a light-themed video that features GodFrame singing his melodious track while bright light shines through the windows, creating a simple yet elegant background. The way he delivers deep and meaningful messages through his music is truly remarkable. The song “Through the Night” touches on topics such as heartbreaks, challenges, and difficulties in our lives. But, in the end, GodFrame believes that music is not just an art, but, it is a medium through which people can bring about a positive change in others’ lives. He believes that God has a plan for each and every one of us, and we just have to have faith.

GodFrame shares “If 2020 didn’t teach us anything else, it showed us that life is full of many ups and downs. But through it all, God reminds us that He’s here to carry us through the night. And while we may be weeping right now, joy is coming in the morning”. With this message, GodFrame has created a beautiful music video that compliments his soulful and divine track “Through the Night”. This music video was released on the 6th of February, and since then it has touched thousands of lives, bringing positivity and hope via his music!

Terrance Lamar’s stage name GodFrame means “Made in God’s Image”. Music became a part of GodFrame’s life from a very young age and he was actively involved in beat-boxing and drumming with barely any guidance or proper equipment. Soon, his musical skills started evolving and he moved on to piano, drums, and the saxophone, all while honing and perfecting his craft. GodFrame’s faith in God grows each day, and so does his drive to create inspiring and positive music. So, go ahead and experience this divine music video by GodFrame and let his music take you away!

Check out the music video HERE