Meet Vickie Winans, “the hardest working woman in gospel music” according to theDetroitNews. Born the seventh of twelve children, her entire family was deeply musical and religious. By the age of eight, Vickie made her debut, singing her first solo in their family church. Her interest in music and the gospel only grew in the following years. And as a teenager, she sang as a member of the gospel group International Sounds of Deliverance. In 1978, Vickie married Marvin Winans, a member of gospel’s most famous family. By default, her marriage to Marvin did give her an edge once she decided to get into music. However, Vickie carved out an independent identity for herself, both musically and personally.

Vickie launched her first solo album in 1985, which carried a song that would become her signature song, We Shall Behold Him. Vickie’s 1991 MCA album The Lady is particularly notable as it shocked the conservative Christian community due to its heavy R&B influence. Consequently, MCA dropped her and she took the next three years reflecting. In 1994, Vickie found a new home at Intersound Records. Over the next decade, she continued to release hit after hit. Vickie worked with two more labels, Tommy Boy Gospel and Verity. Ultimately, she ventured on her own by launching Destiny Joy Records. Outside of music, Vickie has written and performed a play, released a stand-up comedy, and traveled, among other things. All in all, Vickie Winans is a powerful vocalist whose music conveys a sincere and emphatic love of the Lord.