Elevation worship released their collaborative album “Old Church Basement” on April 30th. Working with Maverick City, they recorded and released their hit song ‘Million Little Miracles.’ This song is uplifting and full of praise for the many ways in which blessings are manifested in daily life. Yet, it still sticks true to Elevation Worship’s style of music. The lyrics are heavy with gratitude from the first verse and to the last. And overall, you witness immense gratitude for the blessings/miracles happening in their lives.

‘Million Little Miracles’ shows what happens when two Worship powerhouses come together in one track. It is catchy, witty, and possesses the full range of melody to engage everyone. The song asks for introspection and a sense of personality in reflecting on the miracles you witness in your life. It allows for people to be upfront about their love for God and his grace in their lives. The idea for the entire albums came from the first song in the album— ‘Jireh.’ That said, the entire album of 13 songs is a tool for ministry and life transformation. Popular hits like ‘Mercy’ and ‘Build Your Church’ in the album feature the multi-talented Chris Brown. Other famous names in the album are Brandon Lake, Chandler Moore, and Amanda Lindsey Cook.