Lecrae Devaughn Moore is an American Christian hip-hop recording artist and songwriter. Born on October 9, 1979, Lecrae had a rocky upbringing. He not only lived in poverty but also consumed drugs and participated in street violence. He turned his life around at 19 after attending a youth conference, which sent him on a spiritual quest. At the age of 25, Lecrae and his friend Ben Washer established their own independent record label “Reach Records.” As a music executive, Lecrae was set on changing what it means to be spiritual and a rapper. And that’s exactly what he did. Lecrae delivers Christ-centric rhymes with a secular flair. In so doing, he has attracted fans from both ends of the spiritual spectrum.

Lecrae released his debut album “Real Talk” in 2004. However, his career peaked in 2014 when he released “Anomaly”. In this album, Lecrae builds on his style of mixing raw beats and catchy hooks while solidifying his stance as a “voice of the voiceless.” Thanks to its profound message, the album became the first hip-hop album in history to top the ‘‘Top Gospel Albums and ‘‘Billboard 200’’ charts. Apart from being a Christian hip-hop artist, Lecrae is also a massive advocate of anti-racism and end injustice movements. Furthermore, he is an actor and prolific entrepreneur. Because of his success in music and faith, not only is Lecrae a positive influencer for other rappers, but he is also changing lives through his words and work.