How Much Power Does Music Have?

If you're a music head, like us, then you understand the influence music has not only within ourselves but in our lives. Even if you aren't, it's safe to say that you can't go a day without listening to music if you tried. It can be the background music of a movie, a commercial, or a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head. Either way, music has the power to shape our way of thinking. Regardless of genre, music has an impact that reaches beyond barriers of location, language, ethnicity, and even ideas. It transcends entertainment and into other influential means, such as for medicinal purposes with music therapy or for political statements that are seen and heard worldwide during times of change.

We use music as our most profound form of expression. We remember the words to song lyrics before any movie lines. Still, even if we can't exactly remember what the lyrics are in a song, we always remember how it made us feel, and the more emotion attached to it, the more likely we are to resonate with it.

Praising as a Way of Telling a Message

When it comes to praise and worship related genres of music, it's easy to assume that it may be the least popular among the masses, but in reality, its influence holds the same impact. Praise and worship music uncovers different seasons in our lives where we have felt lost, dreary, without purpose, angry, hurt, and it exposes the true NATURE OF GOD, as mentioned in scripture. There is a type of spiritual connection we feel within the context of the music, almost as if we can feel a DIVINE PRESENCE. Music helps us feel we are a part of something bigger, and praise and worship music helps us confirm our place in this world by continuing to encourage us with affirmations that speak to the LOST SOUL as a way of finding our DIVINE POWER that comes from God.

Right now, the message in most praise and WORSHIP MUSIC correlates to purpose, balance, love, power within ourselves, and many other ideologies that resonate with getting closer to the root of ourselves. In the state of the world, we need more than ever to continue to feed ourselves music we can refresh us and add value to our way of thinking so we can find PEACE IN EVERY WALK OF LIFE.