Father’s Day is more than just a designated Sunday in June; it’s a celebration of the influential figures who profoundly shape our lives. 

Whether it's a biological father, stepfather, grandfather, or another paternal figure, this day is a heartfelt opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation to them. It’s a chance to acknowledge their love, support, and guidance throughout the years. 

This year, we had the privilege of sitting with Ron Diesel, a distinguished MC, poet, and writer. We got to delve into the profound influence his father has wielded over his life and flourishing urban gospel music career. Here are the details of his interview.

The Early Years

Ron Diesel’s journey into music is deeply intertwined with Brooklyn's rich cultural tapestry and the influences of Old School and Golden Era Hip Hop. Growing up in a household filled with diverse sounds, he developed an eclectic musical taste. 

His father played a significant role in this exposure. “My father listened to a broad range of music,” Ron recalls fondly. “Haitian Kompa, 60s Jazz, Classical. I heard all these genres played in our house.” This extensive musical environment laid the foundation for Ron's diverse taste in music today, spanning rap, gospel, and beyond.

Although Ron's father did not directly encourage him to pursue a music career, his influence was deeply felt. 

Raised by Haitian parents who valued education highly, Ron was steered towards academic success. “I possess a Bachelor's Degree in Legal Studies and a Master's Degree in Public Administration,” he notes. This clearly reflects his father's emphasis on a strong educational foundation. 

However, his father's passion for music was always present, subtly guiding Ron's artistic development. His father, a clarinet player who once performed in a band in Haiti, instilled in him an appreciation for musical craftsmanship and dedication.

The Path of Discipline and Hard Work

The values his father imparted are central to Ron’s success in life and music. “The one life lesson that my father has consistently nailed home is discipline. Discipline is essential to success,” Ron asserts. 

Moreover, Ron's father taught him the value of hard work and generosity. As a philanthropist, his father demonstrated the importance of being grateful and giving back to the less fortunate. 

These lessons have left a lasting impression on Ron, influencing his career and how he raises his daughter. Beyond personal ambition, Ron strives to inspire others through his music. He desires to encourage them to embrace diligence and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

Overcoming Challenges

Throughout his career, Ron Diesel has faced challenges where his father's influence proved invaluable. These include overcoming stage fright and navigating the complexities of the music industry. 

Ron particularly credits his father's early encouragement in public speaking for giving him the confidence to perform in front of crowds. “Stage fright can be an obstacle, but thanks to his encouragement, I have no fear performing in front of a crowd,” Ron shares.

In tough times, Ron draws inspiration from his father's life journey. “My father's perseverance and faith in God taught me resilience,” Ron acknowledges.

“His example of hard work and overcoming struggles reminds me to stay focused on my goals.” Whether refining his lyrical craft or navigating the competitive music scene, Ron's father's values of diligence and determination continue to guide him. “I remember his words about working hard now to create time later,” Ron adds. 

As Ron continues to evolve in his music career, he is grateful for his father's unwavering support and wisdom.

Creative Inspiration

Ron's creative process is deeply intertwined with his father's musical legacy. “The rhythms and genres I grew up with are embedded in my music,” he explains. From traditional boom-bap beats to experimenting with various styles, Ron's compositions reflect a rich tapestry of influences passed down through generations. 

Moreover, Ron hints at future projects that pay homage to his father's influence. “Tupac Shakur's ‘Dear Mama‘ resonates deeply with me,” Ron muses. 

This suggests that future works may similarly draw from personal experiences and familial bonds. He strives to imbue his music with authenticity and emotional depth. This clearly depicts the values—like hard work and dedication—instilled by his father.

Legacy and Future

Passing on his father's legacy is a matter of pride for Ron Diesel. “I'm proud to say that I did that some years ago. I had my daughter take piano lessons,” he recounts. One memorable moment was when his daughter played a song his father composed in the 70s, “Mon Reve,” as a birthday gift.  

This heartfelt gesture exemplifies the deep connection between music and family in Ron's life. It reflects the enduring bond between generations. 

Looking ahead to Father's Day, Ron plans a special tribute for his father, keeping the details under wraps to preserve the surprise. “I'm not telling you! That's a surprise,” Ron laughs. “He might read this, you know!” 

Over the years, Ron has celebrated his dad with thoughtful gifts, but this year, he emphasizes a gift of unparalleled value: time. “At this stage of life, the best gift we can give our fathers is time,” Ron reflects earnestly. “You can't buy time at any Father's Day sales at the mall.” Ron's gratitude and love for his father shine through as he prepares to celebrate Father's Day. 

Wrap Up

Ron sends fathers and aspiring musicians a powerful message: “Keep God First. Second: spend time with your Dad. Find out your father's favorite records and play them. Play some of your favorite songs for him. Try to connect with each other through music.” 

In celebrating Father's Day, Ron Diesel’s story is a tribute to fathers' profound impact on their children’s lives. This holds true considering their influence in shaping their kids’ dreams and nurturing their talents. His journey reflects the enduring bond between father and son, enriched by a shared love for music and a legacy of resilience and faith.

Here’s to the fathers who inspire, support, and push us to be our best. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers out there!