The Grammy, Dove, and Stellar Award-winning Artist and music producer Aaron Lindsey has recently announced the launch of his Label called MultiEthnic Records. This all-new venture is a boutique Los Angeles-based label representing a variety of artists and genres. As the name ‘MultiEthnic’ suggests, this label has been created to cater to a wide range of musical genres and ethnic cultures. Music is a language that has no barriers, and it unites people of all cultures and diverse backgrounds. This new project of Aaron has been created with the motive to create fresh music, provide a platform, and unite people of various backgrounds with music and create beautiful melodies. This new creation aims to cater to the musical demands of people who have different tastes in music and come from diverse backgrounds.
With music incorporated into his soul at a very young age, Aaron always tried to be a bridge between cultures and ethnic groups in several areas of his life. He believes that music can connect and unite people no matter how many differences they have. This latest creation of his aims to provide a platform to people who belong to various musical genres and let them experience the joy of creating unique melodies. Growing up in a culturally diverse city, Aaron developed a passion for a vast range of musical styles. From R&B to Gospel and Pop to Worship music, he developed and honed his skills in each genre and is truly a dynamic artist.

MultiEthnic Records is truly a wonderful initiative as it aims to connect people of different musical tastes and together create a fusion of amazing melodies and styles. Aaron’s goal for MultiEthnic Records is to be a home for the musically diverse where they have something for everyone. Music in the soul can be heard by the universe, and Aaron truly has a fire in his soul that drives him every day, wanting to connect and unite people with music. This new label is aimed to cater to a dynamic and diverse range of artists and musicians, which will spread positivity and deliver wonderful music.

Having had a remarkable career of over twenty years, Aaron has the skillset and valuable experience needed to take a venture like this to incredible heights of success. Having worked with some of the best artists of the music industry like William McDowell, Israel and New Breed, Marvin Sapp, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Kenny Lattimore, David & Nicole Binion, and many more, he is truly a gem in this diverse and dynamic music universe. With a soul passionate for music and a heart longing to connect and unite people through melodies, Aaron and MultiEthnic Records are on their way to the top, and we can’t wait to see what they have next in store for us!