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The Divine Gospel Choir – The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Music is a form of magic, and when used to worship the almighty, it brings about positive and powerful changes. And one such incredible gospel choir is the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. The choir is a nearly 300-voice choir composed of vocally untrained church members who come from diverse economic and ethnic backgrounds. The Lord has brought together this divine choir and church, who started from a handful of members in a small rundown building,

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The Soulful and Divine Gospel Choir “Howard Gospel Choir”

Where words fail, music speaks. And worship music is one such divine and amazing creation that can perform wonders and unite people. Gospel choirs have been spreading the word of the Lord through melodious and harmonious music. And one such incredible gospel choir that is spreading joyful and divine music is the Howard Gospel Choir. This is the gospel choir of Howard University, formed by students, alumni, and community members.

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Souls of Melody – The Umlazi Gospel Choir

The use of music for religious purposes and worship has existed for ages, and soulful singing with gorgeous melodies can connect people with the Lord. Gospel Choirs hold the power to combine and unite people through harmony, and together they create something remarkable and wonderful. One such amazing and inspiring gospel choir is the Umlazi Gospel Choir. Based out of Durban, South Africa, this incredible choir is made up of pure souls of melody

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Koryn Hawthorne’s Album ‘I Am’ Dominates Charts

The Billboard Music and NAACP Image Award-winning two-time Grammy nominee Koryn Hawthorne’s latest album ‘I Am’ has topped charts and created a hot buzz in the gospel music genre. Scoring a number one position on Nielsen’s Current Gospel Album Chart and number two on Billboard’s Gospel Chart, this latest album is one of the best creations of Koryn. This is the second full-length album from the inspirational and amazing artist.

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The Top 10 Amazing Gospel Music Tracks of 2020

The Gospel music genre has been witnessing the rise of some truly amazing and soulful artists. Their music is creating a whole new wave of positivity and hope, which is inspiring and strengthening our faith and belief in the Lord. With hundreds of phenomenal tracks out there, we are going to give our collection of the top ten amazing gospel music tracks of 2020. So let’s get started!

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